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 ====== EyeCanDo ====== ====== EyeCanDo ======
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-{{  :​projects:​eyecando_icon.png?​300}}Disability ​can be caused by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injuries and stroke, muscular dystrophy, among others. Limited mobility ​and communication due to disability will limit patients’ ​personal freedom and lead to a low quality of life. In particular, for ALS patients, they may eventually lose the ability to speak, eat, move and breatheand there are 30,000 people live with ALS6000 new cases per year. +{{  :​projects:​eyecando_icon.png?​300}} ​Lack of mobility and communication due to disability ​can be caused by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injuries and stroke, muscular dystrophy, among othersand seriously limits the personal freedom ​of patients ​and can lead to a low quality of life. The progressive loss of independence and connection to the world affects them and their caregivers physicallyemotionallysociallyand spiritually. We develop an eye gaze-based technology ​built on top of Apple'​s smart devices (iPad/​iPhone) to enable communications for such patients. Through eye movement ​on the screenpatients can perform all types of communication which are not possible before, such as expressing physical needs, reading, typing ​to share feelings or thoughts, playing music/​video,​ controlling ​smart home devices, ​among others. This will significantly ​increase ​the quality of life of the patients, with a commonly available and affordable Apple device.
- +
-We develop an eye gaze based assistive ​technology ​EyeCanDo, that enables ​patients ​with speaking and muscle ​movement ​disability to freely connect to the worldcommunicate with people through a simple smart device, such as iPhone or iPad. Users will be able to use their eyes to control EyeCanDo app to interact with smart home devices, ​messaging, speaking, reading, and entertainment. This will increase patients independency and can significantly ​improve ​the quality of their life.+
 ===== Origin ===== ===== Origin =====
-This idea was firstly developed ​in the [[https://​icahn.mssm.edu/​about/​sinainnovations/​health-hackathon| Mount Sinai Health Hackathon 2018 for rare diseases]]. ​During the three days competition we successfully built a working prototype which was running on iPhone. The video from our pitch is available ​[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?​v=8sXi_J4Ri0E&​t=1s|here]]. Our team was chosen among three finalists by the judges committee consists of 6 people with different expertise in related domains. We won one of three $2500.00 prizes.+This project ​was started as a hackathon project ​in the [[https://​icahn.mssm.edu/​about/​sinainnovations/​health-hackathon| Mount Sinai Health Hackathon 2018 for rare diseases]]. ​ 
 +In January 2020, We received an award from  [[http://www.alsa.org/|ALS Association]] for EyeCanDo 
 {{  :​projects:​eyecando-check.jpg}} ​ {{  :​projects:​eyecando-check.jpg}} ​
-===== What's happening ​===== +===== Related News ===== 
-After amazing support we received from multiple sources including Mount Sinai Innovation experts, ​[[https://​news.stonybrook.edu/​student-spotlight/​winning-hack-to-transform-the-lives-of-als-patients/​|Stony Brook University]], [[https://​www.instagram.com/​p/​BtGslavjAjy/?​utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet|Stony Brook Medicine]], ​[[https://​www.cs.stonybrook.edu/​about-us/​News/​EyeCanDo-Win-Win-Student-hack-set-transform-lives-ALS-patients|Computer Science Department]], [[https://​bmi.stonybrookmedicine.edu/​node/​649|Biomedical Informatics Department]], ​[[https://​www.sbstatesman.com/​2019/​02/​19/​graduate-computer-science-students-develop-app-for-people-with-als/​ |The Statesman + 
-newspaper]] , we decided to continue working on this projectFurthermore,​ a couple of actual patients reached out to us and asked for this app which made us much more serious than ever to deliver an application for helping these patientsCurrently, this project is underdevelopment ​and we are working on a pilot product with broader functionalities+[[https://​news.stonybrook.edu/​student-spotlight/​winning-hack-to-transform-the-lives-of-als-patients/​|Winning Hack to Transform the Lives of ALS Patients]]  
 +[[https://​www.cs.stonybrook.edu/​about-us/​News/​EyeCanDo-Win-Win-Student-hack-set-transform-lives-ALS-patients|Winning Hack to Transform the Lives of ALS Patients]] 
 +[[https://​www.sbstatesman.com/​2019/​02/​19/​graduate-computer-science-students-develop-app-for-people-with-als/​|Graduate computer science students develop app for people with ALS]]   
 +[[https://​www.emergingedtech.com/​2019/​04/​awesome-apps-developed-by-students-change-lives/​|5 Awesome Apps Developed by Students ​and How They Changed Lives]]
 ===== Contact Us ===== ===== Contact Us =====
-In case you are interested to collaborate with this project or be aware of possible beta testing in near future, please ​do not hesitate to contact srashidian [at sign] cs [dot] stonybrook . edu. Please put the keyword "​EyeCanDo"​ in the subject of your email.+ 
 +The project is led by [[https://​www.cs.stonybrook.edu/​~fuswang/​|Dr. Fusheng Wang]] and Dr. [[http://​xiaojunbi.com|Xiaojun Bi]].  
 +If you are interested ​in contributing ​to the project or test the app, please contact ​Sina Rashidian(srashidian [at sign] cs [dot] stonybrook . edu)