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Welcome to Data Management and Biomedical Data Analytics Lab!

Recent News

August 29, 2017: We have three full papers accepted to SIGSPATIAL 2017.

  • iSPEED: an Efficient In-Memory Based Spatial Query System for Large-Scale 3D Data with Complex Structures.
  • SparkGIS: Resource Aware Efficient In-Memory Spatial Query Processing.
  • Effective Scalable and Integrative Geocoding for Massive Address Datasets in Public Health Studies.


May 31, 2017: CSIRE Program for K12 Students at Stony Brook University.

We are excited to announce that we started a new program "Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program for K12 Students" (CSIRE) at Stony Brook University. The CSIRE program at Stony Brook University is an opportunity for qualified, academically talented and motivated K12 students interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science or Informatics. The program provides the students a unique research experience working with leading researchers in the field.


January 31, 2017: NSF REU Opening: Exploring Scalable Data Analytics for Big Data at Stony Brook University.

I am looking for a highly motivated undergraduate student with CS or informatics major to work on an NSF sponsored project on Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU). If you are interested, please submit your application at SPIDAL REU at Stony Brook University.


January 25, 2017: We are organizing the Third International Workshop on Data Management and Analytics for Medicine and Healthcare (DMAH'2017), in conjunction with VLDB 2017.

The workshop will bring people cross-cutting the fields of information management and medical informatics, to discuss innovative data management and analytics technologies highlighting end-to-end applications, systems, and methods to address problems in healthcare, public health, and everyday wellness, with clinical, physiological, imaging, behavioral, environmental, and omic- data, and data from social media. The workshop will be held at Munich, Germany on September 1, 2017. The workshop is in conjunction with the 43rd Very Large Databases Conference (VLDB 2017).




November 2, 2016: Yanhui Liang won the best poster award at SIGSPATIAL 2016.

Yanhui's paper “Scalable 3D Spatial Queries for Analytical Pathology Imaging with MapReduce” won the best poster award at SIGSPATIAL 2016.



June 10, 2016: I will teach CSE532: Theory of Database Systems this fall.

This course covers recent advances in data management systems. Topics include complex queries and optimizations, XML data management, spatial data management, distributed and parallel databases, NoSQL databases, and MapReduce based data processing systems. We will discuss the foundations of data models, transaction models, storage, indexing and querying methods for these data management systems. We will demonstrate real world databases with biomedical data, geospatial data and/or social media data.

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