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   * **[[:​projects:​overview|Research Areas and Projects]]**   * **[[:​projects:​overview|Research Areas and Projects]]**
 +  * **[[https://​www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/​~fuswang/​index.html|Dr. Wang's Website]]**
   * [[http://​bmidb.cs.stonybrook.edu/​pais|PAIS Project Home]] and [[:​pais:​index|PAIS Wiki]]   * [[http://​bmidb.cs.stonybrook.edu/​pais|PAIS Project Home]] and [[:​pais:​index|PAIS Wiki]]
   * **[[:​cluster:​index|Cluster Information on Resources (Lab Members Only)]] - Requires Login**   * **[[:​cluster:​index|Cluster Information on Resources (Lab Members Only)]] - Requires Login**
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 ==== Recent News ==== ==== Recent News ====
 +=== Feb 5, 2018: CSIRE Program (2018) for K12 Students at Stony Brook University. ===
 +We are excited to announce the "​Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program for K12 Students"​ (CSIRE) 2018 at Stony Brook University. The CSIRE program at Stony Brook University is an opportunity for qualified, academically talented and motivated K12 students interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science or Informatics. The program provides the students a unique research experience working with leading researchers in the field.
 +=== January 23, 2018: Our summer high student Kavya Kopparapu is named a Finalist in Regeneron Science Talent Search. ===
 +Kavya Kopparapu, a summer student in Simons Summer Program of Stony Brook University, mentored by our lab, has been named a top 40 Finalist in the 77th Regeneron Science Talent Search—the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics competition for high school seniors. Kavya will travel to Washington, DC in March to participate in the Finals Week competition. Finalists are each awarded at least $25,000, and the top 10 awards range from $40,000 to $250,000. The top 10 Regeneron Science Talent Search 2018 winners will be announced at a black-tie gala awards ceremony at the National Building Museum on March 13, 2018. More information is in the news.
 +=== January 22, 2018: I am teaching a new CS course "​Introduction to Biomedical Informatics"​. ===
 +I am teaching a new undergraduate CS course CSE393: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics. cover the basis of biomedical informatics,​ including biomedical and healthcare data management and standards, medical imaging informatics,​ medical image analysis, bioinfromatics,​ and public health informatics and GIS.
 === August 29, 2017: We have three full papers accepted to SIGSPATIAL 2017. === === August 29, 2017: We have three full papers accepted to SIGSPATIAL 2017. ===