Database for Multiple Nodes

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse can be used to to install DB2 with Data Partitioning Features (DPF), which provides distributed paralleled data management to support large scale of data. Here are the general installation steps below:

  1. Launch the DB2 Setup wizard to define the installation and install DB2 database products.
  2. You can use the command


    ./isw/install.bin -Dprofile=\'profile_path\' -DDS_IGNORE_OSPREREQ=TRUE 

    Note: profile_path is the path of the license profile files in the CD. You can unzip and let it as the profile directory

  3. Click Next to the end.
  4. During the installation, three users will be added to the database and your operating system:
    • dasusr1 for DB2 Administration Server(DAS)
    • db2inst1 for DB2 instance owner
    • db2fenc1 for DB2 fenced user

Instructions on setup DB2 DPF using two nodes can be found here.