Database for Single Node

This guide is for the administrator to implement and initialize the PAIS database server on a single node without partitioning.

PAIS database is implemented with IBM DB2 and its spatial extender, so we need to install DB2 Database Server and DB2 Spatial Extender for the system. IBM provides a free DB2 Express-C edition , and IBM also provides free license for teaching and research use through IBM Academic Initiative. Once your organization is approved for the use of the license, you can download and use DB2 based on its license requirements.

1. Install DB2

2. Install Spatial Extender

After installation of DB2 server, then install its Spatial Extender.

  • Using the db2setup wizard to install this spatial extender and in this wizard you can choose the path of the existing DB2 you installed before.
  • You have to keep the version of DB2 Spatial Extender the exactly same to the version of DB2.

3. Install universal fixpack

The last step is to install the universal fixpack for DB2 9.7 FP5(the same version to DB2). DB2 fixpacks can be downloaded here.

  • ./installFixPack and input the location of DB2.
  • You have to shut down all instances and admins before its installation.
    • log in db2inst1 and run $source db2profile under the sqllib directory.
    • log in db2inst1 and run $db2stop force.
    • log in dasusr1 and run $db2admin stop.
  • Update db2 instance with this new fixpack by the command: $./DB2DIR/instance/db2iupdt db2inst1