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 ===== Medical Imaging Informatics ===== ===== Medical Imaging Informatics =====
-Research ​and develop systems to provide effective ​and scalable methods ​for large-scale ​integrative analyses with imaging (both radiology ​and pathology)clinical ​and genomic ​dataand to provide efficient ​and standard based medical image aided diagnosis within the healthcare enterprise.+ 
 +<font inherit/​arial,​helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Digitalized pathology imaging is an emerging field that enables novel and complementary ways for disease diagnosis ​and biomedical research with examination of high-resolution images of tissue specimens. Pathology image analysis can segment massive spatial objects such as nuclei and blood vessels, represented with their boundaries, which forms the basis for complex spatial queries and analytics.  
 +Our research goal is to address the research challenges on large-scale ​image analysis ​and spatial analytics of 2D and 3D pathology ​imaging data with support from high performance computing platformsto help biomedical researchers more effectively ​and efficiently study biological mechanisms and pathological progressions for a broad range of biomedical applications. Our work includes ​data modeling ​and standardization (Pathology Imaging Analytics Standards – PAIS) and data management infrastructures,​ and scalable 3D pathology imaging analytics frameworks.</​font>​
 === Related projects === === Related projects ===
   * [[:​pais:​index|Pathology Analytical Imaging Standards (PAIS)]]   * [[:​pais:​index|Pathology Analytical Imaging Standards (PAIS)]]
-  * Pathology Image Database System (PIDB) ​(to be moved)+  * [[:​pais:​index|Pathology Image Database System (PIDB)]]
   * High Performance Digital Image Management System for Clinical Trials (DIMS)   * High Performance Digital Image Management System for Clinical Trials (DIMS)
-  * ImageMinerA caGrid-enabled Image Analysis and Mining System for Tissue Microarrays (co-development) +  * [[https://​wiki.nci.nih.gov/​login.action?​os_destination=%2Fpages%2Fviewpage.action%3FpageId%3D11671429&​permissionViolation=true|Algorithm Validation Toolkit (AVT)]]
-  * Algorithm Validation Toolkit(AVT) ​(co-development,​ past project)+