Seminar on Data Management and Biomedical Data Analytics

The seminar will cover topics on data management including big data systems, spatial data management, in-memory databases, distributed databases, blockchain based data management and data sharing. It will also cover topics on healthcare data analytics, including large scale data driven public health studies using health records and social media, medical imaging informatics, among others.

Each seminar will have a talk on recent work or paper(s). Students can register for 1 credit for CSE644. Registered students must attend, and present at least once. Everyone else is welcome to attend.

Instructor: Fusheng Wang, P.hD.

Location and Time: CS 2314 conference room (old CS), 2pm – 3pm Fridays.

# Date Presenter Topic Links
1 9/8/2017 Prof Wang, Hoang Blockchain EMR
2 9/15/2017 -
3 9/22/2017 Pengyue Deep Reinforcement Learning for vessel centerline tracing
4 9/29/2017 -
5 10/6/2017 Furqan Geographically Distributed Consistent Data Store
6 10/13/2017 Hoang SPARE-PART & Spatial Data Indexing (2 VLDB 2017 papers on indices and querying real-time)
7 10/20/2017 Yanhui iSPEED: an Efficient In-Memory Based Spatial Query System for Large-Scale 3D Data iSpeed
8 10/27/2017 Vaishali TBD
9 11/3/2017 Sheetal Opioid Abuse with Twitter/ Topic Modelling Paper
10 11/10/2017
11 11/17/2017
12 11/24/2017
13 12/1/2017
14 12/8/2017

Slides and materials are distributed internally.