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 +===== SparkGIS Download =====
 Download Virtual Machine (Ubuntu Server 16.04.2_amd64):​ TBU Download Virtual Machine (Ubuntu Server 16.04.2_amd64):​ TBU
 Download Virtual Machine (CentOS 7 x86_64): TBU Download Virtual Machine (CentOS 7 x86_64): TBU
-Download via github: https://​github.com/​StonyBrookDB/​sparkgis+Download via github: ​[[https://​github.com/​StonyBrookDB/​sparkgis|https://​github.com/​StonyBrookDB/​sparkgis]]
 E.g. Download via ssh: ''​git clone git@github.com:​StonyBrookDB/​sparkgis.git''​ E.g. Download via ssh: ''​git clone git@github.com:​StonyBrookDB/​sparkgis.git''​